F 50 - KNX Room Temperature Controller

Temperature regulation in a new design

The desired temperature in every room is guaranteed by the Jung KNX temperature controller in the F 50 design with its convenient single-room operation. Just like with the F 50 Push-button sensors, the unit can be connected to the push-button extension module to extend its functions.

Easy to use
The measurement of the room temperature, the individually adjustable desired temperature and the various operation modes (comfort, standby, night operation and frost protection) ensure an ideal and healthy room temperature. The user can change the desired temperature at a touch of a button and decide between presence and absence using the presence button. Appropriate symbols and coloured LEDs display the current status. If no-one is present in the flat, a choice can be made between “standby” and “night operation”. Coloured LEDs next to the symbols clearly show which mode has been selected.
If desired, the parameters can be changed in the pre-setting of the push-button functions of switching, dimming, blinds, value indicators or scenarios.

Uniform design
Just as with the push-button sensors, the KNX room temperature controller is available in the AS, A, CD and LS ranges. With its recessed buttons and large design cover, the operation of all room functions can be realised with a uniform look.