The Jung Hotel Display

For a more comfortable stay

Jung knows what hoteliers and hotel guests want and has optimised the silent communication between guests and personnel. The new Hotel Display in the classic LS 990 switch design consists of two components: one for deployment in the hotel room and a second one outside in front of the room.

The outside unit is integrated into the bell button and works as a service and indication device for both personnel and visitors. Guests can express their wishes discretely and simply at any time through the changeable indicator displaying "Do not disturb" or "Make up room". Coloured LEDs in red or green indicate to the hotel personnel whether the room can be cleaned or the guest would like to have some peace and quiet. This new communication unit is complemented with a three-tone signal in the switch design. This is installed in the room and looks like a loudspeaker, and it provides the acoustic signal that the bell button has been triggered. The volume and pitch can be adjusted as required.

The installation of each element of the Hotel Display inside and outside the room is achieved in a standard flush-mounted box. So these devices can be retrofitted without any problems.