KNX push-button sensors F 50

The F 50 push-button modules in the design of the AS, A, CD and LS ranges impress with their homogeneous surface appearance and a harmonious overall look.

The F 50 KNX push-button modules are available in the Standard and Universal versions as 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-gang. To add functionality, the unit may be combined with the push-button extension module.

Extensive: labelling area with transparent cover

The imprinting of the large labelling area ensures a clear assignement of functions. With the JUNG graphic tool you can mark the push-buttons by high-quality laser engraving or colour-printing  – easy, online and according to your personal requirements.

Unique: the coloured labelling cover

Unique in the market are the labelling covers with colours that match the buttons. The overall look is thus one of special quality. Both the coloured covers and the buttons can be individually customised with laser engraving or colour printing, as an additional design feature or of course to optimise the assignment of functions.

Enlightening: the RGB LEDs

In the Universal version the push-button modules have an operating LED and a status LED for each button, in RGB colours. As a result they can be set individually in red, green or blue, entirely as desired. The operating LED can also provide light for orientation. The brightness can be adjusted for all the LEDs, including the illuminated labelling area.

Flexible: connection of the push-button extension module

The functions can be extended by connecting the 1- to 4-gang push-button extension module, while minimising the load on the bus. With the F 50 push-buttons, the extension module can be installed module at a distance of up to 30 m to provide more flexibility.

Optimised: the installation

The push-buttons are easy to install thanks to their flat shape and small amount of depth required for installation. The easily accessible connections for the KNX bus and the push-button extension module as a satellite unit are clearly marked and thus make installation easier.

F50 – maximum design variation and freedom of combination

True to the JUNG modular system, the push sensors in the individual range designs allow for a wide number of different combinations.