Material with tradition. With a new interpretation.

Brass – the alloy made of copper and zinc has been known since antiquity is a highly versatile material even today. The metal exudes an aura of special elegance with colours ranging from golden yellow to a dark brownish tone. Material properties such as its hardness and resistance to wear while at the same time being easy to machine in various shaping processes make for a wide variety of uses. It is used not only in many sectors of industry but also finds application in interior decoration and in the manufacture of jewellery. It provides refined accents through its visual and haptic characteristics.

Brass is also exemplary from the point of view of sustainability, because it is very long-lasting due to its material properties. Above all, the zinc content is the reason why the metal retains its colouring for many years.

Classical. Pure. Authentic.

From a traditional material to an elegant switch design: The exquisite properties of brass have inspired JUNG to make a new interpretation of the classic LS 990 switch. Genuine brass, produced by hand, in the two shades of Classic. Antique make up the new metal version of the well-known classic. The timeless square form of the switch with a narrow frame and large rocker switch perfectly matches the attractive brass surface.

These high design aspirations down to the last detail harmonise perfectly with the trends in contemporary architecture, because the aspect of the genuineness of the material are becoming increasingly important A philosophy that JUNG has already followed for many years now with its series of switches. Thus the LS 990 in a brass version is the logical continuation of this approach.