Optimum protection in your house or flat

It depends on the type of building and number of rooms where smoke detectors should be installed in your house or flat to ensure minimum protection. For single-storey flats, one smoke detector each should be installed in corridor, bedroom, and nursery.

For multi-storey houses, the corridors on each floor are to be considered as well. To provide optimum protection for each resident, it is recommended installing a unit in each room. The following general rule applies: Smoke detectors are to be installed at the ceiling in the middle of the room if possible, however, considering a minimum distance to the wall of 50cm.
What is important to know: Fitting bedrooms and nurseries with smoke detectors is an absolute must, because also the human scent rests during sleeping. In case of a home fire, this actually healthy behaviour of the human body may result in fatal consequences, because the residents do not notice poisonous smoke. Thus, only smoke detectors provide dependable protection – they never sleep and raise an alarm when a fire breaks out.