Quick installation without creating any dirt

Quick, without creating any dirt, and secure: Using the certified magnetic adhesive system, simply install the JUNG smoke detector to the ceiling without extensive drilling or bolting operations. Secure mounting goes without saying! Alternatively, you may have the smoke detector installed by a professional using conventional drilling/bolting technology if desired.
Easiest installation thanks to magnetic adhesive system: Simply remove the protective film and press the magnet base onto the ceiling. Then attach the smoke detector to the magnet base which already finishes secure installation of the life-saver. Of course, it can be removed in the same simple way when you intend to move or to replace the unit!

Long service life

Internal lithium battery lasting 12 years
You may rely on the JUNG smoke detector for years! It has an internal lithium battery that lasts 12 years. This battery is permanently installed and reliably provides the required energy for the smoke detector.

This is a real benefit with regard to both ecological and economic aspects, since there is no need for regular battery replacement. This helps being easy on the environment and your purse. And, of course, provides for reliable alert in case of fire.