Facility Pilot Server

Rail mounted PC with built-in Facility Pilot software

The Facility Pilot Server is a rail mounted PC that is is intended for continuous operation, i.e. it is passively cooled and has no moving parts at all. It is equipped with an AMD Dual Core processor, four USB connections, network (1 x 1000 Mbit/s), card slot (Micro-SD) and DVI connection. The full version of Facility Pilot 3.2 has been preinstalled. It was equipped with two KNX interfaces to better meet current requirements, especially in the area of KNX visualisation and the maintenance of KNX systems. A KNX terminal is visible. This is connected internally to two interfaces. One interface is available internally as a KNX-USB interface for the visualisation. The other interface can be addressed via the LAN and functions as a KNX IP interface with the KNXnet/IP protocol. Both interfaces run independently of each other on the bus. In this way the Facility Pilot Server can be used independently of the visualisation for remote maintenance and commissioning purposes as well, which eliminates the costs of any additional interfaces.

General information: The power supply of the Facility Pilot Server comes from a 24 V DC external unit.

Facility Pilot Server in the online catalogue

Connection options

The Facility Pilot Server has one DVI, one LAN and two USB connection options at the top of the unit. There are two further USB connections, which are easily accessible at the front.

Facility Pilot app

With the new JUNG Facility Pilot app for iOS, the Facility Pilot Server can be conveniently operated remotely. Using iPhone, iPad or Android smartphones, you thus have access to all functions and can at the same time enjoy the additional convenience of a clear visualisation. The uniform JUNG interface ensures that handling is simply intuitive!