Working in an eNet SMART OFFICE

With eNet SMART HOME, you can easily transform smaller offices, law firms or agencies into a Smart Office. Without having to chisel walls or install new cables. And if you want to know at the weekend whether everything is OK in the office, just take a look in the eNet SMART HOME app. 


Smart lighting for the office

Those who want to control light in the office intelligently often do not need special lamps. Using eNet SMART HOME products, the existing indoor and outdoor lighting can be integrated into the radio system by the eNet service partner.

Working with the right light
The intelligent lighting control of JUNG eNet SMART HOME ensures consistently pleasant light in the reception area, waiting room or consultation room and makes efficient use of daylight in combination with sun shading. This means that customers and guests are always welcomed with the right light. In addition, you can set up a wide range of individual light scenes, for example for building cleaning or night operation.



Everything under control at the tap of a finger

Practical and efficient: You can control floors centrally with eNet SMART HOME. Simply combine recurring daily switching operations in a single action for this. Control light, blinds, heating and other devices at the same time with just a tap of your finger. On the move using the eNet SMART HOME app or stationary using the JUNG wall transmitters.

The perfect start to the working day
A tap of the finger is all it takes for the start to the working day. Then the blinds are raised and the lights, heating, printer and other devices for daily use are switched on. You design the configuration individually according to your wishes.

Quicker to the end of the day
After a long day, you want to leave work behind you quickly. The end of work is often associated with a tour of the offices. It is easier and quicker with JUNG eNet SMART HOME. Simply control all devices centrally using a wall transmitter next to the entrance door.



Impression at the touch of a button

In meetings and conferences, you can simply switch to presentation mode if required. No problem with JUNG eNet SMART HOME.

Operating conference rooms with scenarios
A series of actions that you used to carry out individually can now start automatically at the push of a button. The presentation screen turns itself on, the blinds move down and the lighting is dimmed to the desired brightness. See how easily it presents itself. The JUNG 5" Smart Control with its high-resolution HD display and the JUNG 7" Smart Control with its elegantly designed frames in aluminium or black cut a fine figure in any room.



Heat as needed, control energy consumption

Heating becomes smart with the eNet SMART HOME solutions from tado°. In addition, energy sensors for attachment to or installation in the sub-distribution board provide a better overview of power consumption.

Pleasant working climate
With the smart thermostats from tado°, you can set the heating for a room or in the entire office to the desired temperature. Using the eNet SMART HOME app, you can conveniently integrate the heating control into the rest of the eNet SMART HOME control system. The smart thermostats quickly learn how the rooms heat up and cool down – open windows are automatically detected. This ensures that heating is always timely and sensible.

Transparent power costs
Energy sensors in the form of intermediate connectors, invisible as flush-mounted version or as built-in device in the switch cabinet measure the consumption of the connected devices. Just take a look using the eNet SMART HOME app and you will see immediately which device is currently consuming how much energy.


eNet SMART HOME - Simple. Always. Reliable.

JUNG eNet SMART HOME is a secure and reliable wireless system. The data traffic between smartphone, eNet Server and devices is completely encrypted. It does not matter whether you operate eNet SMART HOME at the office or on the move. The information security of the remote access eNet SMART HOME remote is verified by VDE. Thanks to bidirectional radio technology, the local components of the radio system exchange information with each other. This means that the transmitters and receivers in your eNet SMART HOME always work – even if your WLAN network at the office fails.

JUNG eNet SMART HOME projects –
Smart possibilities in new and existing buildings

Modernisation of a surgery in Blankenburg

The modernisation of a surgery in Blankenburg focused on upgrading the reception area. The sophisticated lighting concept should not only be inviting, but also smart to operate. No problem with the JUNG eNet SMART HOME radio system.


Guests will find a mix of traditional and newly interpreted Asian cuisine in the trendy GinYuu restaurant. As modern as the ambience is, so also is the technical equipment at GinYuu. Using JUNG eNet, the light in the restaurant can be switched and dimmed wirelessly.

Find eNet Service Partners

The nationwide network of eNet SMART HOME service partners provides you with comprehensive, competent service and professional installation. You can find here experienced electrical specialists in your area who are familiar with the JUNG product range.