Living in an eNet SMART HOME

Your home can do more with eNet SMART HOME. Operate lighting, blinds, heating, sockets and much more simply by radio. 


Smart lighting for your home

Those who want to control light intelligently often do not need special lamps. Using eNet SMART HOME products, you can integrate existing lighting into intelligent building technology, dim it and design light scenes.

Light scenes for a special ambience
Create the right lighting mood for your TV evening or a meal with friends. For example, set up the perfect light in the living room: Every luminaire in the room dims to the desired brightness. Once defined, you can provide the right lighting in the future at the tap of a finger. You use a switch on the wall or the intuitive eNet SMART HOME app on a smartphone for this.

Dimmed light in bathroom and corridor
On the way into the bathroom at night, it's unpleasant to let the bright light in the corridor and bathroom bring you out of your sleep. With eNet SMART HOME, you simply specify how bright the light should be for you at night. With the JUNG eNet wall transmitters, you can switch the light exactly as you wish. The wall-mounted transmitters can be easily mounted where it is convenient for you, for example next to the bed. They are operated like conventional switches.



Control privacy and sun protection intelligently

With eNet SMART HOME you make electrically operated blinds, shutters and awnings smart and automatically provide privacy and shade.

Privacy and sun protection at the tap of a finger
With eNet SMART HOME, you can group together electrically operated blinds, shutters or awnings. These move up or down automatically with a tap of the finger on wall transmitter or smartphone. Room by room, on the complete floor or in the entire house. And if you wish, eNet SMART HOME can also control the shading according to your schedule or depending on the amount of sunlight. You only have to set the action once for this.

Combine blinds, lighting and temperature
Modern architecture connects rooms and creates transparency. If you prefer to be on your own, simply use the scene configuration of eNet SMART HOME. Combine your favourite light with pleasant room temperature and set the slats of the privacy screen to opaque.



Outside the house and yet at home

"Central Off" or presence simulation Intelligent radio technology provides security and makes your home appear inhabited. With a glance at your smartphone or tablet, you can check that all is well at home on the move.

All off with a tap of a finger
Are all the lights, the iron and the television really switched off? Is the heating turned off and are the blinds closed? This means: either you have to check every room, or you live in an eNet SMART HOME. When you leave the house, you can switch off all lights and selected appliances, lower the heating and lower the blinds with a tap of your finger. Just the way you want it.


Certainly a good feeling
You are on the move and want your home to appear inhabited? Outsiders do not notice your absence thanks to time-controlled blinds and lights that you have stored in a presence simulation. And also at your holiday resort would you like to have the good feeling that everything is OK at home? All it takes is a look at the eNet SMART HOME app.



Everything under control outdoors

The eNet SMART HOME wireless system provides more than only solutions for indoor switching and control. Modern sensors and actuators also ensure greater comfort and efficiency outdoors.

Convenient control around the house
With the JUNG eNet REG (rail mounting) actuators, which the specialist installs in your distribution cabinet, you can also integrate the outdoor area into the Smart Home installation. In this way, not only the garden lighting but also the awning or the garage door can be controlled using eNet SMART HOME. Simply install the appropriate JUNG eNet wall transmitter where it is most convenient for you. For the mobile control, either use the practical JUNG eNet hand-held transmitter or the eNet SMART HOME app.


Efficient thanks to sensors
Sun, light and movement sensors make outdoor areas smart. The eNet sun sensor with twilight function, for example, is available for energy-saving operation of garden lighting. If the outdoor brightness falls below a certain threshold value, the garden or path lighting switches on automatically and switches off again when it is exceeded. Numerous other time and brightness dependent functions are possible and intuitive to configure in the eNet SMART HOME app.



More comfort, lower heating costs

Heating becomes smart with the eNet SMART HOME solutions from tado°. Using the eNet SMART HOME app, you can conveniently integrate the heating control into the rest of the building control system.

Set the temperature room by room
With the smart thermostats from tado°, you can set the heating for a room, a floor or the entire house to the desired temperature. With the eNet SMART HOME app, you have everything in view and can easily make changes. Smart heating technology ensures a comfortable temperature in the house and protects the environment.

Control heating on the move
If you wish, the heating automatically switches to the lowered mode when you leave the house – and when you return to the vicinity of your home, specified rooms are heated again. The eNet SMART HOME app also gives you access to the thermostats at any time while on the move.


eNet SMART HOME - Simple. Always. Reliable.

JUNG eNet SMART HOME is a secure and reliable wireless system. The data traffic between smartphone, eNet Server and devices is completely encrypted. It does not matter whether you operate eNet Smart Home at home or on the move. The information security of the remote access eNet SMART HOME remote is verified by VDE. Thanks to bidirectional radio technology, the local components of the radio system exchange information with each other. This means that the transmitters and receivers in your eNet SMART HOME always work – even if your WLAN network at home fails.

JUNG eNet SMART HOME projects –
Smart possibilities in new and existing buildings

A semi-detached house becomes smart

The requirements for the renovation of a semi-detached house in Gütersloh were clearly formulated: the whole building technology should be completely modernised and networked. However, there should be no new cables laid – an ideal task for the wireless-based eNet SMART HOME system.

A lot of design freedom in new buildings

Control around 20 blinds via switch, smartphone or tablet. Switch the light individually or in the whole room, indoors and outdoors. What sounds simple turned out to be a challenge for the electrical installation. Because the building owners did not want to determine the position of the switches until the later construction phase – no problem with eNet SMART HOME.

Find eNet Service Partners

The network of eNet SMART HOME service partners provides you with comprehensive, competent service and professional installation. You can find here experienced electrical specialists in your area who are familiar with the JUNG product range.