Detached house, Gulbinai in Lithuania

Detached house, Gulbinai in Lithuania

Elegance of shapes

In Gulbinai, a town in Lithuania, the architects and designers of the Casablanca office created a detached house whose interior is characterised by various shapes and soft colours. On 200 m² the house offers beside various rooms a generous living and dining area, which is at the same time also the highlight of the house.

The wall fireplace visually separates the kitchen from the living room. A warm white of the walls in combination with the wooden floor gives the house comfort. Everywhere forms contrast: The kitchen unit is square and gives the room straight lines, the luminaires are round and design patterns forming a hexagon can be found everywhere on the floor. The walls in the shower in the upper bathroom also bear this hexagon pattern. This design concept runs through the entire house. The use of shapes and patterns gives the interior design a feeling of playful lightness. In order to visually expand the space, a minimalist staircase construction made of wood and glass was designed in the stairwell leading to the 2nd floor of the house.

The detached house was equipped with the JUNG design classic LS 990 in alpine white.

Used Designs and technologies