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A comprehensive update now makes the Smart Visu Server even smarter. The new features increase not only the convenience but also the security. Now the user can adapt their Smart Home further to their individual needs.

Secure Remote Access SV Remote

Control your own Smart Home remotely as well – securely and comfortably. Secure remote access SV Remote ensures encrypted data transmission for the control via smart devices from any location. This is possible with a simple one-time registration at MyJUNG.

Structure creates overview and convenience: the "Groups" function

The user can retrieve his groups using the appropriate button on the Smart Visu Home user interface. If the user wants to activate, deactivate or edit a group, this is done in SV Control. The installer defines the password protection, the authorisations for this.
Creating actions
To create an action, first of all it is named. Allocating meaningful names under which functions will be collected is helpful. If required, the action can then be allocated to an area, such as a particular room or trade.
Adding functions
Up to 16 functions can be allocated to an action and displayed in a selection list. The appropriate value is set for every function, such as “Colour light on” or “Dining table lamp on 50 %”. In addition, time controls for actions can be specified.
Creating and using groups
Groups can then be assembled and named from the actions. For example, “Holiday” includes all actions for presence simulation, such as “Open all shutters”, Living room lamps 100 %” and “Path lighting on”. Every action can be assigned to multiple groups. The user can retrieve his individual groups at any time.

Astro function

Automatic shading and illumination control, dependent on sunrise and sunset. The switching times will thus be automatically adjusted to the changing sun positions in the course of the year, conveniently and reliably.

Presence Simulation

A secure feeling despite being absent, thanks to a programmed presence simulation. With automatic light and shading control according to a schedule, giving the impression to potential burglars of the presence of the resident, even when nobody is home.

Smart Visu Server goes Sonos

Smart Visu Home

The Smart Visu Home user interface ensures an optimum representation and operation on virtually all smart devices in a responsive design. Landing pages, background colour, font size and other content can also be individually adapted for each device. Responsive design also takes account of the use of the smart devices in portrait or landscape orientation.

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