The classic LS 990 switch

Timeless since 1968. The LS 990 is the classic among flat switches: Launched back in 1968, 50 years later its timeless elegance is still just as popular. With the aesthetics of the reduced form, the great user-friendliness thanks to the flat surfaces, and a clear structure, it is still winningover architects and developers today.

A switch conquers architecture

Strictly minimalist, organically playful or sensually opulent. With its restrained design and its classic shape, LS 990 fits in every architectural concept. Different design variants in plastic or genuine metal and various colours enable extensive scope. JUNG reference projects equipped with LS 990. JUNG reference projects equipped with LS 990.

Architects for the LS 990 subject

In conversation with: Harald Jung and Herbert W. Richter

There are designs beyond short-lived trends that never come from fashion. Unchanged in its shape, the LS 990 is just as timeless as adaptable. Entrepreneur Harald Jung and designer Herbert W. Richter in conversation about the development and success of the classic.

LS 990 in Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier

Colour is just as important for architecture as the room or the shape. The Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier (1887-1965) was firmly convinced of this. Since 2014, JUNG has exclusively been providing its classic LS 990 switch worldwide in Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier.

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