Multifunctional use and the highest operating convenience

If you want to live without complex building technology, but do not want to do without functionality and convenience, you are well-advised with the JUNG bus. A decisive aspect of the system is its simplicity, both for installation and use. It needs very few devices and little wiring. The technology remains concealed, hidden in the distribution board. The visible switches and modules offer optimum operating convenience and range of functions: you simply control lighting, blinds and shutters with a fingertip. And also when being changed or extended, the system is highly flexible. Changes in the functions are possible with no complicated work, and can be carried out individually and fast. You do not have to make openings in walls or wire new cables.

Convenient operation

In the JUNG bus, multifunction switches replace a range of multiple combinations, which would disrupt the optics in the room. The technology reduces to the aesthetics of its operating elements, with clear lines and an orientation on the surface. Images, text, pictograms and symbols show you immediately which functions you trigger when you press a switch.

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Control centres

Whether for switching, dimming or moving shutters: the control centres, relay station and universal dimming station - hidden in the distribution board  - provide in combination with the relevant operating elements the means to activate the functions as required. Relay and dimming station can be used individually or also installed in parallel, completely in accordance with your requirements.

More about the universal relay station and universal dimming station

Hotel application example

As well as the private home, the JUNG bus is also suitable for use in hotels. The system ensures operational security and more convenience for the hotel guest. The advantages for the hotel operators are also clear, as they receive an economical, standardised installation with high levels of convenience.

Each hotel room, for example, is equipped identically, for example, with a small distribution board and provided with the same functions. In the hotel room, with the two base devices, the relay station universal and universal dimming station, up to 12 channels are available. The operating elements for the hotel guest are attached to these. In the external area of the room, the equipment can be extended with various information switches. In this way, almost all demands in your hotel rooms can be covered.

The modern hotel with JUNG technology