A concept takes shape

For more than 40 years LS 990 is the favourite design range

Timeless inspiring: Developed in the tradition of the Bauhaus in 1968, the classic design range meets all requirements state of the art of a modern electrical installation. With the square design and large button surface for maximum comfort, LS 990 offers not only plenty of room for further technical developments, but also presents itself in a timeless, classic design.
Let yourself be inspired by this classic format!

The favourite of the architects

Prof. Helmut Kleine-Kraneburg:

Our architecture stands for tradition and innovation. The whole house is expressed in the selection of materials and the execution of detail. If the detail is not right, the whole is also not right. Jung LS 990 underlines the insight into this aspect of architecture: through its clear shape and geometry as well as strict minimalism and systematic simplicity, it supports architecture with timeless consistency.

Prof. Wolfgang Döring:

Architecture must be durable, useful and attractive. (Andrea Palladio 1508-1580) To achieve this, the following are required: planning of buildings, rooms and devices as well as knowledge and use of products whose material, function and shape meet the highest standards. This includes without doubt the switch ranges of Jung. Only through carefully planned detail and individual characteristics of the design will the architect’s plan be completed.

Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Engel:

It would be interesting to check how many times a day you turn the light switch on or off. We would certainly all underestimate the number of times this happens. This is a good result for the switch which accompanies us day and night and is clearly visible on the wall without drawing attention to itself or making an issue of each operation. As far as I am concerned, the LS 990 is an advocate of this category.

Dipl.-Ing. Jan Kleihues:

LS 990 – as far as I am aware, the first switch range that makes this consistent reduction into the essential – like a drug outlasting modes and yet still current. Once used, it is difficult to get away from it again due to its limitless extendability.

Dipl. Architekt Peter Wilson:

„She was 20 years old before I layed a hand on her – now hardly a day goes by without a gentle caress on perfect lines of the upper or lower quadrant – always that same comforting klick.

Prof. Volkwin Marg:

Tradition is proven progress, progress is continued tradition. Classics in product design are classics in architecture. Not the quickly won awareness of the sensation that characterises it but the long period of selection through everyday use allows us to appreciate its worth. Perception equals aesthetics in Greek.

Dipl.-Ing. Michael Schumacher:

The LS 990 is a true design classic like the New National Gallery by Mies van der Rohe which is likewise 40 years old! For us at schneider+schumacher, the switch range has been a constant companion since our office was founded 20 years ago. We first used the range in black in the Düsseldorf-Seestern hotel building. This shows that a good product remains contemporary for many years with minor modifications. We are already looking forward to congratulating the LS 990 on its 60th birthday when we celebrate our 40th anniversary!

Dipl.-Ing. Ekkehard Voss:

40 years of LS 990:
unpretentious and attractive, reliable and multifunctional – it remains forever JUNG!