Established in 1912, the mission that led to the company’s founding is still the main driver behind product development: JUNG designs and develops pioneering and timeless products and solutions. Our switches and systems are easy to use and can be tailored to individual requirements. They are produced in the company’s two facilities located in Schalksmühle and Lünen. 

Our home: Headquarter in Schalksmuehle

Since 1912, JUNG has made its home in the idyllic Sauerland town. The company headquarters with administration, design, sales, training centre, central data processing, metal processing and socket production is situated here in the middle of the countryside.

Our door to the world: Luenen in Westfalia

Initially planned as a branch factory in 1941, the Lünen location has meanwhile developed into a valuable industrial premises. Nowadays, approx. 300 people are employed here in the production and distribution departments. In addition to a modern production hall, there is a high-bay warehouse located on the 25000 m² site with a shipping department attached.