eNet Server with eNet Smart Home connect

The heart of the system

The eNet Server is the centre of the eNet SMART HOME. It allows programming, visualisation and control of all functions. It also networks the individual eNet devices. Its integrated software, eNet SMART HOME connect, is used as the set-up tool for the entire system.

Easy to set up

The browser-based eNet SMART HOME connect set-up interface is already integrated in the eNet Server. This is used to conveniently conduct the allocation of devices, functions and installation at a monitor. The documentation and processing of created projects is easily done. As soon as the computer and the eNet Server are connected with each other, the application can be started.


Creating rooms

The rooms for a project are created first. These can be freely named. Careful structure planning is important here, as this is reflected 1:1 in the visualisation.

Finding devices and allocating to rooms

To add devices from the eNet system to the project, the device search is run. In this way, all devices in learning mode or that have been connected to the electrical supply in the last few minutes are found and displayed. Afterwards, the devices can be allocated to rooms and the device channels named individually as appropriate for their use.

Making connections

Now, actuator and sensor channels are allocated to each other and connected functionally. The devices connected in this way communicate with each other directly when operated, which results in a very robust, fail-safe function.

Writing and exporting projects

In the final step, the project design data are written to the devices. The app visualisation is generated automatically. In addition, the electrical installer can export the project, use it as a backup or as a template for future projects.