The intelligent connection

Convenient operation with Smart Displays

Combined operation of building system technology and building communication to ensure greater security and convenience. The Smart Pilot acts as an intelligent operation centre. Users have their building technology in hand with this at any time. If there is door call, the call screen on the Smart Pilot automatically comes up with a video and audio connection. Easy operation is ensured over the large touchscreen.

A further advantage: with each door call a picture is taken and deposited in the image storage. This means that, even when the residents are absent, it can still be ascertained who called at any time. Targeted selection of the camera to be incorporated in the system ensures additional security. If a door station is attached to the camera, then an audio connection can of course be made through this.

Intuitive operation and an elegant look: the Smart Pilots for wall installation.

Smart Pilot 10.1’’ (26cm), Smart Pilot 15.6’’ (40cm) and Smart Pilot 18.5’’ (47cm)


100% compatible thanks to Siedle system technology

The deployment of Siedle system technology is the basis for the combination of Siedle door stations and JUNG indoor stations. The JUNG indoor communication stations are compatible with the door stations from Siedle and vice versa, through the In-Home bus with automated set-up by means of plug+play.

More about the Siedle system technology and the In-Home bus