ZF Forum, Friedrichshafen

Office concept 3.0

Only a few metres away from the place where the company's history began a century ago, ZF Friedrichshafen AG is opening a new chapter with a promising future. The new six-storey company building sets a striking urban accent. Beyond its form, the company's head office also stands for a new way of working together at ZF.

In the newly developed Office Concept 3.0, different rooms are available to the company's employees for different tasks: There are retreat areas for work tasks that require concentration. For situations in which the personal exchange with colleagues is helpful, there are team zones and project rooms. A cornerstone of the concept that ZF has developed together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO is the fact that the company has largely dispensed with personally assigned desks. Instead, the more than 650 employees share almost 600 work places.

The new building is equipped with JUNG components of the LS 990 design range in white. These include the EnOcean wall-mounted transmitter, which sends radio signals for switching, dimming and moving the blinds to the radio receiver of the EnOcean system. The transmitter draws its transmission energy exclusively from the mechanical pressure when actuated. Thus, it is independent from batteries or external power supply. Light and shading can thus be conveniently adapted to the respective work situation.
图片 : ZF Forum


EnOcean The EnOcean Gateway is deployed as the interface between EnOcean radio sensors and the KNX bus. It has 32 channels that can be assigned to the following functions: switching, dimming, blinds, temperature sensor, window contact, light sensor, movement detector and binary input.