Wohnwerkstatt M22, Gräfelfing

Impressive transformation

The house was built on the western edge of the city of Munich in the 1950s. As demolition was not possible due to a shared party wall with the neighbouring building, it was gutted and then integrated in a new overall form. In the course of this action, the house was also designed as a KfW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau) 55 energy saving house. With this it consumes 45% less primary energy annually than a comparable new construction. 

The top storey recessed on all sides is encased by an outer shell made of titanium zinc. The large, dark grey window elements are striking. These are relaxed by opening casements made of varnished oak. While these are used as seating alcoves on the ground floor, they form a three-dimensional frame on the top floor that surrounds nature like a work of art. Residents and visitors reach the entrance through the south garden via a path made of concrete squares laid in staggered rows. The fully glazed entrance blurs the borders between outside and inside. The central design element in the house is the single-flight staircase. It runs from the cellar to the top recessed floor. Thanks to its intelligent multi-function, the residents can also use it as an extensive shelf. The large family living/dining room is located on the ground floor. The combination of warm wall colours, design classics, African art and more rustic elements has a reduced but nevertheless inviting effect. The electrical installation of JUNG in the design of the white LS 990 classic switch is skilfully put in place as a basic part of the interior design. Developed in the Bauhaus tradition, the LS 990 with its square design and large switch surface harmoniously adapts to the environment. And the timeless switch range also meets all the requirements of modern electrical installations from a technical point of view. Using the room temperature controller in the switch design, the residents can set and control the room temperature as desired. A block without sockets made of grey linoleum populated with multiplex plates forms the centre in the kitchen. The worktop is made of porous sandstone. The openly designed work room provides sufficient space for the work of ambitious artistic and craft work residents. 

The bedroom of the parents is located on the recessed top floor. The walk-in closet separates the sleeping area from the bathroom. With free-standing bath tub and carefully selected decoration, the room becomes an oasis of relaxation.