Villa, Vienna

A house made to measure

This residential villa stands on the edge of the Vienna Woods – high up on a winding, cobbled road. The two architect’s offices of Rataplan and Groh-Wagner-Architekten developed a very unorthodox, ingenious house that is rooted deep in the earth and plays with the special location on the slope using every trick in the book. At every level it connects to a different point of the steep ground and thus brings out another facet of the location. You can access the open from every floor and experience a variety of views of Vienna and the Vienna Woods.

The wish list for space planning is comprehensive: It extends from the wine cellar to wellness, whirlpool, infinity pool, a garage for five cars to a practical annex with separate access for guests and a second internal lift that connects the residential floors.

The electrical installation by JUNG blends in harmoniously with the overall design and connects all technical functions with the KNX system such as heating control, shade and lighting. The switch classic LS 990 in white and aluminium gives the villa a puristic focus. LS 990 has impressed for nearly 50 years with its quality and design.
图片 : Anna Stöcher