Villa Süd-Baden, Neuenburg am Rhein

Modern living with intelligent building technology

While this villa in Neuenburg am Rhein appears rather reserved thanks to its concrete façade, the broad terrace with its outdoor pool and kitchen is a very welcoming space. Surrounded by thoughtfully positioned palm and olive trees, it is ideal for relaxing or entertaining guests. The owners’ passion for Mediterranean plants continues inside, with olive trees bringing a splash of green to the open-topped interior chamber.

Whites, greys and browns dominate the interior. The kitchen and living areas are separated by a granite-clad fireplace that blends in with the overall ambiance. Stairs that seem to hover in mid-air connect the living area with the couple’s private rooms on the first floor.

The modern residence is equipped with smart KNX technology from JUNG. The electrical installations are in the style of the classic LS 990 switch in white and black. Thanks to the intuitive operating philosophy and clear touchscreen design of the 10-inch and 15-inch Smart Pilots, the owners always have their building technology under control. Room functions such as lighting, blinds, heating and air conditioning systems can be controlled centrally via the Colour Touch Panel IP. Compact room controllers and FD-style push-button sensors in white and black have been installed in the rooms, making it easy to control the KNX functions.

The Video Outdoor Station intercom, which features fingerprint recognition and can be operated via a mobile device (iPad or iPhone), keeps the owners safe and secure.