Villa on Lake Constance, Switzerland

Artistic lakeside living

Equipped with JUNG KNX technology in the style of its classic LS 990 switch, and a video intercom system.
This artistically designed property, home to a family of three, lies right on the shores of Lake Constance in Switzerland. The first thing you notice are the harmonious lines of the building and the wavelike elements that create a visual link to the nearby water. Wide expanses of glass and lots of open areas lend the home a transparent, welcoming character that allows light to flood the living spaces.

The artistic, modern interior is a slick combination of exclusivity and comfort. Expanses of white, broken up here and there by warm wood and colourful touches, define the overall ambiance. These high standards are also reflected in the electrical installations, with sophisticated KNX technology providing optimal comfort and security. Functions in the individual rooms are controlled by push-button sensors and room controllers featuring the purist LS 990 aesthetic. The KNX Facility Pilot Server, which has been built into the distribution board, can link up to the family’s smartphones and tablets and thus make the building control system mobile. State-of-the-art video intercom stations provide extra security at the door, as does the gate control system, which is integrated into the JUNG home technology system.