Villa, Lake Zwenkau

Purist living

Clear forms, natural materials and subtle colours characterise the purist lifestyle of this villa in Leipzig. Dark grey furniture sets the right tone against the white walls and the bright wooden floor.

What makes this house truly special is the kitchen with its delicately designed kitchen units, a bed that appears to be floating and its own sauna.

To meet the client’s demands to place any technology as discretely as possible in its interior, mini KNX presence detectors from JUNG were fitted throughout the house.
Lights, blinds and temperature, among other things, can be controlled through the F 40 push-button sensors. The buttons of the classic LS 900 switch in white fit harmoniously into the environment. The new JUNG KNX Sonos Gateway combines the intelligent KNX building system technology with Sonos multi-room sound. Up to 30 Sonos devices can be operated through the JUNG KNX controls – together with the traditional room functions such as lighting, shade, and temperature.