Tribunal d'Instance et CPH, (courthouse) Montmorency, France

“Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” in Montmorency

“Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”: The rallying cry of the French Revolution of 1789 could have easily been the inspiration behind the design of the courthouse in Montmorency, a northern suburb of Paris.

With the Tribunal d'Instance et CPH, the Strasbourg architects of Dominique Coulon et associés have created a harmonious counterpart to the cityscape. Instead of cutting an imposing figure, the building’s façade of wood and brick gives it an almost welcoming, gentle appearance – one that blends unobtrusively in its surroundings.

Access to the District and Labour Courts is through a single, secluded entrance, where light from a narrow opening in the roof falls over three floors before reaching the entrance hall and the two courtrooms. A courtyard provides the rooms with additional natural light. Each courtroom has its own official hearing room and consultation room attached, while a screen of white bricks provides privacy by blocking the view from outside.

The court offices are on the first floor, with the archive and library located one floor above. The third floor houses the building’s technical equipment and allows access to a roof terrace, where an opening allows light into the rooms below.

The Tribunal d'Instance et CPH is equipped with the classic LS 990 range in white.
图片 : Patrick Miara