Town House in Strasbourg

Living and Working 2.0

Free plots that are uninteresting for many investors and project sponsors due to their limited size are known as ‘hollow teeth’. The French firm of architects, Dominique Coulon & Associés, has built a really special new construction in just such a location in the Krutenau district of Strasbourg.

This black corner building in this historically developed district stands out in many respects. The five-storey tower with its façade of carbonised larch wood has many surprises to offer – both outside and inside. On this plot of only 120 m2, Dominique Coulon & Associés have created an energetically vibrant mixed-purpose town house using renewable raw materials – and, straight away, they moved into it themselves! Both the architects office and the private area for Mr Coulon himself are accommodated in an area of 500 m2. Robust, rustic materials are used in the interior of the building, with the concrete floors simply polished. Shelves and cupboards are made of wood and there are stairs consisting of untreated metal. A vegetable garden and swimming pond on the extended roof terrace offer relief from city life.

The timeless LS 990 switch design from JUNG in the Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours appear all over this new construction. They are subdued and rather traditional in the ‘ombre naturelle’ and ‘ombre naturelle claire’ shades of umber, but also tone on tone with other colours and materials. The deep ‘bleu outremer foncé’ ultramarine blue and the mahogany-like ‘terre d’ombre brûlée’ feature as special colours. And the vibrant ‘rouge vermillon’ shade for the LS 990 should of course not be missing in the brash red bedroom.
图片 : Eugeni Pons