The OpernTurm (Opera Tower), Frankfurt

Integration in the cityscape

Office space, catering and retail – all of this can be found in the OpernTurm at a height of 170 metres. On the west side of the Opera Square directly next to the Old Opera House, this office building was erected by the Christoph Mäckler architects’ office in Frankfurt between 2006 and 2009.

The lowest seven of the 42 floors are designed as a platform building and conform with the height and materials of the buildings on the east side of the Opera Square. The Portuguese sand-coloured natural stone façade also serves to integrate the OpernTurm harmoniously with the surrounding cityscape.

The framing was carried out in reinforced concrete and reinforced concrete composite construction. The load transfer of the roofs takes place through the central core and through the supports that are located in the façade level. The interior space is totally free of supports and gives the space an open and purist appearance.

The OpernTurm was one of the first high-rise office buildings in Europe to be certified in accordance with the US LEED Gold (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) environmental certification programme. The energy-saving and individually switchable lighting and the daylight control reduce the energy consumption in the building.

The building is fitted out with electrical installations in the classical LS 990 design from JUNG. With its quality and clear shape, this switch range has proved its worth for more than 40 years. The classical design of the switch with its narrow frame fits harmoniously in every setting. The LS 990 sets a clear, stylistic tone in pure white. The lighting as well as the shade control is managed with KNX technology from JUNG. Intelligent building automation combines convenience, security and energy efficiency. For this reason KNX is now the standard worldwide for high-class private and commercial construction. The smart JUNG solutions combine function, design and intuitive ease of operation.
图片 : Thomas Eicken