The Freiburg town hall

A civic centre under two wide domes

After three years of construction work, the new Rathaus im Stühlinger has now been completed in Freiburg.
So the civic centre at the heart of the building designed by the Ingenhoven Architects’ office can now be opened.

The forty-metre-long LIMON glass structure in the central entrance hall, under two wide domes on the ground floor of the new Rathaus im Stühlinger, was the creation of the artist, Schirin Kretschmann. This elaborate structure was made from 32 individual glass sections in a process lasting many months in cooperation with the Mayer’sche Hofkunstanstalt in Munich, a traditional company for glass design and mosaics.

The AS 500 switch range from JUNG unifies shape and function here. All the frames and covers have uniform styling in white.