Taunus Turm, Frankfurt am Main

Taunus Tower – a new quality of construction for Frankfurt

Built in the heart of Frankfurt‘s banking district, the Taunus Tower rises between the Japan Center, Commerzbank and the Taunusanlage complex. TaunusTurm Living, a residential highrise, was built next to the Taunus Tower. The imposing residential high-rise enables residents to live right in the middle of Frankfurt. As well as residential and commercial space, it will in future also house the Modern Art Museum (MMK) with a permanent exhibition extending over 2,000 m², making the Taunus Tower a public as well as a private space.
Reducing the Taunus Tower to its figures alone highlights its most striking features. Built in just three years, the tower is 170 metres tall. Offering 1,500 m² of floor space on every storey, it contains Frankfurt‘s largest high-rise building storeys in terms of useable floor space. Its size and the combination of residential and commercial space in a single tower are also unusual. The “little brother” of the office complex, with a height of 60 metres, stands in the city centre instead of being relegated to the outskirts.

From competition entry to design
In 1998 the City of Frankfurt decided on the Taunus Tower site as part of its high-rise building framework plan. A year later, Gruber + Kleine-Kraneburg Architekten won the competition launched by the Rheinische Hypothekenbank to build the Taunus Tower, a high-rise building containing both office and residential space. When construction work on the building was completed in 2014, the City of Frankfurt had gained a singular architectural and urban planning innovation. With its unique and discreet combination of private and public space, of spectacular views, art and architecture, the Taunus Tower enriches the city of Frankfurt.

Its restrained natural stone facade made of limestone elements helps keep the building cool in summer and warm in winter. All the windows in the Taunus Tower can be opened manually, so as well as the heating and cooling systems, people in offices can individually adjust fresh air levels, which is also most unusual in a high-rise

A tower for the public
Visitors enter the Taunus Tower through its main lobby, around 12 metres high and featuring eight-metre windows. The lobby opens onto the “Wallanlage” – the historic site of Frankfurt’s old city walls, directly connecting the building with its surroundings. From this promenade, visitors can enter the 2,000 m² Modern Art Museum in Frankfurt. Its public areas are partly equipped with JUNG’s classic LS 990 switches in stainless steel and LS 990 in white. The electrical installation in TaunusTurmLiving and in the branch of the Modern Art Museum was fitted using the LS 990 series design in white.

The residential tower: Taunus Tower Residential
This private apartment tower is accessed from the new promenade along the “Wallanlage”. It houses 44 apartments ranging in size from 25 m² to 250 m² up to a height of 63 metres. Four types of apartment are featured – ‘deluxe’, ‘superior’, ‘standard’ and ‘micro’. JUNG Antique brass fixtures were also partly used in the tenants’ private areas.
图片 : Markus Eichelmann