Silvestre Arquitectos: house in front of the cliffs near the castle ruins, Valencia

The architecture firm Fran Silvestre Arquitectos implemented the LS 990 range of switches from JUNG, demonstrating that the classic German design is capable of fitting into any situation thanks to its clean lines and high quality. These superior characteristics also allow the range to fully meet the requirements of architects, engineers and interior designers.

The "house in front of the cliffs near the castle ruins" is situated in a beautiful setting on a mountain slope topped by a medieval castle in a rugged area of Valencia. The 230-square metre house is built on 477 m² of land. The house appears to be attached to the mountainside, as if it were just another "geological formation" that has been deposited there. It is true that it is a formation, one clad in the same white limestone as the buildings in the surrounding area, but as a whole, it creates a fragmented tapestry that gives shelter on the stained slope surrounding the old fortress.

The garage and wine cellar are located on the lower level of the home. Above the wine cellar, there are two more levels with four rooms, of which two on the intermediate level are bedrooms that open up onto a private road. The upper level looks out over the valley and the homes in front of it. On the side facing the mountain, there are the areas of the home predominantly used during the day that look out onto the garden, which is illuminated by the southern light reflected off of the sloped sides of the castle.

The building clearly shows off the current style of construction and successfully fulfils the requirements set by its "new" residents, as the architecture firm Fran Silvestre Arquitectos opted for the LS 990 range from JUNG for the electrical installations. The range conveys an aesthetic of clearly defined shapes without neglecting the comfort offered by a switch with a large surface (70 x 70 mm). In addition to the large selection of colours, designs and materials that JUNG offers for these switches, the range includes all accessories and technical solutions required to fulfil any need, ranging from a sophisticated building automation system to the simplest installation.

The design, which originated in the 1960s, is still clearly relevant today. Its minimalist design is based on clean and functional shapes, which stem from the classical geometry and formalist look of the Bauhaus from nearly 100 years ago, and is a perfect fit with the glass and steel that give substance to modern projects. Ultimately, the choice of materials and care for detail are the hallmark of the entire home. The LS 990 range from JUNG gives meaning to these concepts thanks to its simple geometric lines and the power of its minimalist appearance.
图片 : Fernando Alda