SI-SUITES Hotel, Stuttgart

Comfort-plus for the guest

In Stuttgart, the 192 individually designed rooms of the SI-SUITES Hotel invite you to stay and feel comfortable. In the process, the hotel fulfils the needs and demands of business guests, long-term guests and families. A modern interior paired with modern technology ensure a feel-good atmosphere for the guests. 

As part of the SI-Centre, one of the largest leisure facilities in Stuttgart, the site offers the hotel guests two theatres in addition, as well as various themed restaurants, a multiplex cinema and peace and recuperation in the SchwabenQuellen spa. 

The Stuttgart SI Suites are equipped with the JUNG KNX system and the JUNG Visu Pro software for visualising and controlling the building automation. Connected to the Protel hotel software, it provides particular convenience for the guest as well as the hotel operator and the personnel. The CEO of SI Suites, Thomas Behrendt, agrees: ““You have to move with the times or the times move you.” At SI SUITES we have committed ourselves to this motto. The Smarthome known from the private home has gained access to our hotel rooms with the help of the JUNG KNX system. The digitalisation offers more convenience for our guests – and makes sense from a business perspective. Guests report increased comfort for life and living - the fear of cold technology is absolutely not observed. One of the most pleasant effects of a smart home is the increased convenience for our hotel guests.” With repeat guests, a so-called guest profile can be created. In this, for example, the comfortable temperature for the guest is saved and can be called up at the next visit at check-in. In the hotel room, the guest can very easily control light, temperature and blinds using push-button sensors – whether in the bathroom or directly from the bed. The JUNG Bluetooth Connect provides the appropriate entertainment. The guest can use this to play their own music throughout the hotel room via Bluetooth from tablet or smartphone and feel just like at home.
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