Semi-detached house, Gütersloh

Intelligent retrofitting with eNet SMART HOME

The demands on the renovation of a semi-detached house in Gütersloh were clearly formulated: the whole building technology should be completely modernised and networked.
In the process, however, there should be no new cable channels made in the walls – an ideal task for the wireless-based eNet SMART HOME system.

The eNet SMART HOME wireless system is simple to program, convenient to control and allows free positioning of the switches. Lighting, blinds and heating are networked and can be controlled with push-button sensors or the eNet SMART HOME app. All system components communicate over a fully encrypted and secure wireless system and it is thus secured against manipulation.

The switches and push-button sensors of the LS 990 series from JUNG impress with their elegant design and perfectly round off the future-oriented electrical installation of the modernised house.