Scholz am Park, Stuttgart

Metamorphosis on Killesberghöhe

“It should be both a destination as well as a neighbourhood oasis. We want to create a place that inspires, a place where people love spending the entire day…” These words, spoken by developer, proprietor and architect Gregor Scholz describes exactly where the innovation behind the three projects of Scholz am Park, Scholz Blumen and Schloz Eis in Stuttgart lies.
All three properties are located on Höhenpark Killesberg in the new Killesberghöfe (Killesberg Courtyards), just outside the city centre of Stuttgart. With the restaurant Scholz am Park, Gregor Scholz has realised his vision. The result is a novel rotisserie concept, including a bar and cafe with special ambience. The restaurant area is designed to be open, with the entire interior custom made and art exhibits in the inner area. Visible to all, the heart of the restaurant is the ‘show kitchen’, where all the dishes are prepared right in front of the guests. The restaurant, with seating for 120 inside and 140 outside over three terraces, will indulge gourmets with classic French cuisine, fine wines and the house’s own patisserie.

Completed alongside Scholz am Park, the projects of Scholz Blumen and Schloz Eis are distinguished by their distinctive atmospheres and exclusive interiors. A timeless design and the use of natural materials, especially in the timberwork and stone floors, combine with exceptional decor to give the shops a unique look. This effect is underscored by the astute selection of the classic LS 990 switch design in three shades from the Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier collection to complete the electrical installation.

As a worldwide exclusive, JUNG offers its classic range of switches in the 63 original Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier. To enhance the already impressive matt finish and extraordinary depth of colour of the switches, they are hand-painted using a special process. All 63 colours of the ‘Architectural Polychromy’ represent the tones of nature and can be harmoniously combined with each other. Each individual colour is skilfully defined and denotes deliberate colour effects, such as the timeless colour combinations possible with the bright brick red of 32121 terre sienne brique. With hints of umber in 32140 ombre naturelle 31 and 32142 ombre naturelle claire, the colours elude direct attention and elevate the other colours present by serving as shadow colours. In addition to switches and sockets, the room thermostats, which allow occupants to control and adjust room temperatures for their individual needs, are also finished in the Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier.