Power station, Munich

Successful revitalisation of an industrial wasteland

The former thermal power station in München-Obersendling was constructed in 1961 as an experimental gas power station. After an explosion in 1999, the building remained unused for years. With its sale to a private investor in 2010, the decision slowly took shape to retain the building due to its specific charm and despite possible objections to the renovation.  

Retaining the original architecture
The power station has an impressive volume and inspires with the unique character of the rooms. With Kare Design GmbH, the right anchor tenant was found for the first six floors of the building. The raw, authentic character of the power station was exactly what the company had been searching for to present and sell its products. The goal of the new tenant: not space optimisation at any price, but retaining the original architecture. For example, two huge ceiling openings were retained in which heat exchangers had once stood. The glass panorama lift is now in these openings. The changing relationships of the levels offer a particularly special spatial experience. The old loading cranes, control panels, cables and isolators are reminders of the active time of the power station. The spacious loft offices on the five floors of the tower area offer a magnificent view. Companies in the creative industries will particularly find their home here. The impressive steel frames of the supporting structure and the room heights of up to five metres make the building a particularly special location in Munich. The 80 m high chimneys form a visually important reference point, a landmark for Obersendling. 

Site preparation and façade design
The site preparation with lifts and stairs and the integration of climate control and fire protection requirements were a great challenge for the architects and technical consultants in revitalising the existing structure that could only be altered with difficulty. The large area of the new façade in anodised aluminium expanded metal elements in a matte bronze colour reflects the original character of the experimental gas power station through the material and the colour. 

Electrical installation
The power station in Munich is equipped with the classic LS 990 switches from JUNG. The timeless design with a narrow frame fits harmoniously into the surroundings. In pure white it sets clear, purist accents. As a surface mounted version, the LS 990 has a particularly aesthetic effect on exposed concrete or natural stone. 

Landmark for Obersendling
After the conversion, the former power station is today once again playing an important role in the district. With the new use, it remains a piece of Munich industrial history in the public domain. This is also due to the gastronomic offering and generous roof terrace with a view of the Alps. The district of Munich-Obersendling itself is now facing a significant development in the future. Involving an area of 9 ha and within sight of the power station, the construction of the new city district of "Am Südpark" will soon begin. With the former power station, there is already a striking urban development anchor point directly adjacent with an eventful past.
图片 : Philipp Engelhardt, deltahoch3, Foto: Sascha Kletzsch