Paramount Residence Alma, South Tyrol, Italy

Sculptural design

Originally conceived as six holiday homes, the Residence Alma in Sexten has been extended by an impressive 420 m². A new roof structure, enclosing the existing building from the 1960s, was added to the traditional gabled roof.

Sculptural design
The building’s form and materials correspond to traditional buildings locally and to the shape of the Dolomites. The outer cladding of larch louvers and galvanised steel detaches from the actual building and joins harmoniously into the landscape.

Optimal use of space
The architectural office of Plasma Studio, the reception area of the Residence Alma and a passageway to the neighbouring Hotel Strata are below ground level. The above ground areas comprise the living quarters of the architect’s family. All private rooms have access to the outside. Through the restrained choice of materials and colours, the bright interior radiates its very own vitality. A glass strip above the main staircase affords a view of the sky, allowing the weather and the seasons to be experienced directly. The walls are kept white and become a backdrop for the play of shadows and light through the roof. The design of the electrical installation, with the LS 990 switch range in white, accords with the overall architectural concept. The ambience in the dining and living room is enhanced by a 360-degree panorama of the surrounding mountains.
图片 : Hertha Hurnaus, Architekt: plasma studio