Office building German Bundestag, Berlin

Historical Transformation

As early as 2011, the Berlin architecture office Abelmann Vielain Pock won the first prize in a competition for the renovation and expansion of the administration of the German Bundestag at Wilhelmstraße 64. Wilhelmstraße was once the location of the government's most important institutions. All that remains are the British and Czech embassies and three federal ministries.

The renovation was intended to restore the historically significant elements, such as the imposing roof and the huge base of the building. The old staircase has been supplemented by modern elements and in addition the ornaments from the Wilhelminian era have been made visible again and shine again in the old splendour. In contrast, meeting rooms and offices have a contemporary appearance.

The Bundestag offices have been equipped with the LS 990 design classic in white.