MM House - single-family house near Saragossa

Desert-compatible living

The small municipality of Leciñena is situated in the middle of the desert-like plateau of Los Monegros. This is where the architect Sergio Sebastián Franco has realised the MM House. It is a family home that is in keeping with the traditional architecture of Los Monegros: Large wooden gates and high walls protect the courtyards from dust, winds and curious looks. The property is narrow, but very long. Most of the road front is occupied by the wooden garage door. This is open to the rear and transitions seamlessly into a patio. Next to the gateway is the entrance to the residential building, which spans the entire length of the property.

Two terraces with seating niches protrude obliquely into the building and provide shade and create the gradual transition from the outside to the interior. The rooms are arranged there one after the other in three zones that lead from the communal to the private area: Coming in from the street, you first cross the kitchen, dining room and living room, then the bathrooms, followed at the back by the bedrooms and study rooms, which line up along a long corridor running along the wall. One striking feature of the reinforced concrete building is its raw façade. On the other hand, the two wooden elements at the front of the house stand out. The large gate and the pointed corner of the entrance area skilfully set a contemporary accent in the village street without being too out of place.

The house has been equipped with the LS 990 design classic and LS Cube in aluminium.