Mixed use

A new self-confidence

In the tranquil Pfalzen municipality in South Tyrol, the Stifter + Bachmann architects redesigned an existing building from the 1980s. Instead of pulling down the unappealing edifice, the architects decided in favour of keeping and integrating the old building into the future plan. An existing building for skilled crafts and trades was reconstructed and now provides space for a mixture of service, residential and handicraft business uses. Two new residential floors appeared above the studio. An adjoining production hall remains unchanged.

The appeal of the building is in its self-confident cubic shape. The walls of the original building can hardly be recognised behind the new transparent shell of corrugated Plexiglas. The interior of the building is dominated by a combination of glass walls, wooden frames and white furniture. The classic JUNG LS 990 switch design in white fits perfectly with the interior furnishings. With its quality and clear shape, the LS 990 switch range has proved its worth for almost 50 years.
图片 : Oliver Jaist