microsonic, Dortmund

Distinctive head office at Phoenix-See

Shiny gold, with a façade made of copper, steel and concrete, the new construction of microsonic at the Dortmund Phoenix-See is eye catching. The company is one of the three largest manufacturers of ultrasound technology in the world.  The three-storey building with manufacturing and storage areas, laboratories for the development and an office floor for company management, sales and administration was developed on the approx. 4300 m² property. With the moving in to Phoenix-See, microsonic has doubled its production capacities. 

As reminiscence to the former steel location, the interior of the building is fitted with special black steel. Thanks to the use of glass and steel, the construction has a bright, modern and open effect. The clear design, high quality materials and precise processing also reveal themselves in the choice of the electrical installation in the design of the JUNG LS 990 classic switch in three variants. In pure white, LS 990 sets clear, puristic accents; in aluminium, it imparts cool elegance. The interplay between dark colour, clear form and high-class material makes the Aluminium Dark classic switch stand out. It harmonises with dark shades and creates elegant contrasts in combination with light colours. 

The individual departments in the building are connected via a central lighting tower over all three floors. Business processes can thus take place closely linked. A south-facing roof terrace with plants and greenery is used on the one hand as communication area for meetings and on the other hand also as place of retreat during the breaks.

The terrain around the Dortmund Phoenix-See is considered today as one of the largest innovation locations of Germany. With the arrival of microsonic, a further important step with regard to a structural change of the region has been completed.