Low Energy House, Dortmund

High-tech wooden house in Dortmund

A healthy living environment and rapid on-site construction: These are just a couple of the advantages offered by the prefabricated single-family home in Dortmund and its cutting-edge technology. Substantial thermal insulation and low heating costs make the building extremely economical, while the independent climate regulation of the natural building materials has a positive effect on the well-being of the occupants.

Wood exterior – smart interior
The interior fittings of the low-energy home are also impressive and provide the most modern living standards. The house is fully networked with KNX technology, which enables customised control of functions such as shading, lighting and heating. The control centre for the entire installation is the Facility Pilot Server from JUNG. Firmly installed in the entry area, a 15-inch touch screen allows lights to be turned on, off or dimmed and shutters to be lowered or raised. Whether from the couch or outside, all functions can be accessed via an iPad or iPhone app. JUNG room controllers in the FD switch design in stainless steel allow independent regulation of heating in each room.

The KNX weather station from JUNG compiles and displays temperature, wind and sun position data, among other information, and ensures that skylights and shutters are closed automatically depending on settings.

KNX System features:
Individual heating control via compact room controllers in all rooms Lighting can be switched on/off and dimmed as required Automatic shutter control in response to brightness and outdoor temperature KNX weather station displays current weather conditions, operates shutters in strong winds and automatically closes skylights in case of rain