Les Tanneries, Lingolsheim

An architectural ensemble

There is an institution in Lingolsheim in France that combines a secondary school, a primary school and a kindergarten. This building complex provides a variety of rooms over an area of 5,000 square metres, which are ideal for the children of different age groups. These include a generous gym with a suspended ceiling and walls of acoustic wood, classrooms, reading corners, an extensive playground and planted terraces.

The interior is dominated by long wooden slats and exposed concrete. Large window fronts let in plenty of daylight and have an impact on the overall bright atmosphere of the institution. Children in all age groups can feel good here and enjoy themselves. The overall design of the facility combines teaching content, education and, above all, the wellbeing of the children.

The classic JUNG LS 990 switch design can be found in its interior. In its white and light grey colours it fits consistently with the overall architectural design.
图片 : Luc Boegly