Humboldt Villa, Lüdenscheid

Time traveling in style

Some buildings must possess a very special kind of magic, such is their power to capture the imagination of passers-by and visitors alike. One building that continues to exude this magic today is the Humboldt Villa in Lüdenscheid. The size and aura of the neo-baroque villa, which stands at 36 Humboldtstrasse and was once home to an industrialist, attract the attention of anyone even just walking past. Covering some 960 m2 and surrounded by 6,150 m2 of parkland, the villa is a very special link to the past. It was built in 1913 by Wuppertal architect Ludwig Conradi, and was home to the industrialist Hueck family from 1929 to 1993. After that, it was used as an elderly care home before standing empty for several years from 2009.

Today, the villa houses a restaurant (Kosmos) a delicatessen and wine store (Cumana) and the Humboldt Club. Before they could take up residence, though, an extensive building project had to be completed – and all the work had to comply with the strict rules that apply to listed buildings. When it came time to re-plaster the exterior, a team of experts began by analysing old fragments of the façade so that they could recreate the precise consistency and colour of the original plaster. Their efforts paid off and today the façade looks just as it did over a century ago.

A great deal of work was also done on the interior of the building. Movable partitions mean that the business club rooms can be made larger or smaller to suit individual needs. The rooms also feature state-of-the-art technology in the form of projectors, screens and presentation equipment. In addition, the villa was fitted with a sophisticated KNX system by JUNG. KNX F 50 push-button sensors in anthracite, white and stainless steel can be used to control room functions such as lighting, blinds and temperature. The recessed lights in the stairwell are also in anthracite, to match the colour scheme of the electrical installations. A JUNG intercom system provides optimum security and convenience, with the video function allowing users to always see exactly who is asking to be let in. This preserves privacy, which is especially important for the business club.

The Kosmos restaurant is open to all things new. It has been treating guests to modern interpretations of traditional dishes and exquisite views of the park since October 2013. With its perfectly pitched combination of the past and the present, Kosmos, like the Humboldt Villa as a whole, is a feast for all the senses.