House D, Tuttlingen

Towards the sun

On a plot of approx. 500 m², which is surrounded on all sides by widely differing existing buildings, Yonder architects created a house that already stands out from the neighbouring buildings with its matt black textile façade. With its asymmetric shape, the house makes the most of the plot.

The roof and the shell of the building are built in a wood design. The conceptional core of the building consists of two concrete slabs that cross in the middle. As a result, the building is divided into four segments: The living and dining rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms are divided over three floors. In this way, the division of usage has been adapted to the position of the sun: The morning sun can be enjoyed from the bedroom, the living and working rooms offer a view to the south and the sunset can be viewed in the kitchen and dining area and from the roof terrace.

The house has been equipped with the classic LS 990 design in white.