House by the sea

Modern architecture meets concrete and wood

The provincial building situated next to the sea is positioned on a topologically varied plot between dunes and pine groves.

Concrete became the main theme of the overall concept - treated as a pre-cast interior structure, it determines the aesthetics. The raw grey and the texture of the concrete surfaces have been somewhat reduced by the white shades of some separating walls and optically isolated by light wood on the floor. In contrast to this, the façade cladding consists of vertically attached boards. A targeted exchange of roles is achieved in this way - “warm” wood appears on the outside of the building, while in the interior, “cool” concrete dominates. As a third, complementary material: sheet metal. All external finishing elements and window frames are in graphite colours.

Each floor of the house corresponds to a different function: the ground floor, conceived as an open space, is a living area. The first floor is intended as a peaceful area divided into two parts: the larger on the side facing the sea is intended for the owners. It consists of a small living room, bedroom, wardrobe and bathroom. In the southern part of the floor there are three almost identical rooms with a guest bathroom. In the basement there is a space for recreation with a swimming pool.

The house by the sea is equipped with the LS 990 design classic in stainless steel, a KNX system, control of the heating, the heat exchanger, the swimming pool technology, sauna, visual telephone, heating of the gutter system and drive with iPad and iPhone.