Haus der Zukunft, Regensburg

Solar active house sets new standard

The solar active house was designed with a view to setting the standards for the year 2020. This advanced house of the future (and such is its name) is in a position to derive energy from sunlight. The special point here is the crystal-like structure that follows the course of the sun. In this way it is possible to optimally use plots of land that are in a less favourable situation for solar energy. The angle of inclination of the wall and roof area was chosen to suit the relevant alignment and type of use.

The Haus der Zukunft was completely fitted out with devices and systems from JUNG. All the functions are controlled by a powerful KNX system. All throughout the house you can find the eye-catching switches and visualisation displays of the Flat Design series, including a central touch display. The so-called Facility Pilot allows all operations to be monitored.