General Council of Andorra

Located in the heart of the old city and next to the iconic Casa de la Vall, the new seat of the Andorran parliament (Consell General de Andorra) required more than 40,000 cubic metres of rock to be excavated before its construction.
Visually, the building takes the place of the excavated rock of the slope, while its two structural elements of different heights establish a new ‘stone’ dialogue with its surroundings. The lower structure, which houses the institutional facilities, is accessed from a large square that actually forms the terrace of second structure, whose very functional design exudes a strong neutrality that perfectly complements the extreme gravitas of the ensemble.
A maximum height of 30.2 metres, a total developed area of 16,000 square metres, a 4,400-square metre car park with room for up to 65 vehicles, and the spacious roof terrace (which also gives the Casa de la Vall a magnificent plaza of 1,300 square metres), are just some of the details that make the new General Council of Andorra an appealing urban centre and a place where the past and future meet.
The project developers chose KNX technology from JUNG to manage the building’s lighting systems and automatic blinds with presence detectors and KNX push buttons. Together, they provide highly efficient, convenient and secure operation throughout the building’s offices and other areas. Door intercoms with video surveillance using DCM technology, as well as various outdoor stations and three interior monitors in the LS series design in aluminium, were also installed. Control units and switches from JUNG’s LS series give the building complex a subtle touch of warmth and elegance, which is only enhanced by the contrast of aesthetics inherent in the stony severity of the architectural design.
图片 : Aleix Bagué