Extension to the architecture firm of Schmelzle+Partner Architekten BDA, Hallwangen

Communicative work

The new office building of the architecture firm of Schmelzle+Partner Architekten BDA offers both a communicative working environment and impressive views of the Black Forest. Its light architecture allows the building to harmoniously integrate into the landscape. The flat building, with its large expanses of glass, creates a balanced transition between the outdoors and interior spaces.

Following the site’s slope down four tiered levels, the building consists of a massive single space, with a ramp connecting individual levels. Its 1,970 square metres of floor space house a main floor, a gallery floor, a basement and an underground garage. The building’s main entrance and its reception, conference, lounge, meeting and waiting areas are on the upper level, with views across the workspace below. Floor-to-ceiling glass facades enhance the building’s open character and shut out exterior noise. Floors and walls carpeted with felt make provide the rooms’ with pleasant acoustic properties. An encircling acoustic curtain can also be used to insulate individual meeting areas from external noise. Noisy equipment, such as plotters and scanners, are housed in the basement.

Besides providing an effective working environment, the designers focused primarily on ecological aspects while planning and constructing the new building. Its roof is completely landscaped, which prevents the building from becoming too hot in summer and filters and slows rainwater runoff. An air-to-water heat pump and a low-temperature gas-condensing boiler provide heating. Heat is delivered through under-floor heating and concrete core activation of the walls. In the summer months, louvered windows provide ventilation and cooling at night. Automated shutters, regulated according to the sun’s position, keep the building cool by day.

A bus system, through which all components can be regulated by computers and mobile devices, provides both intelligent building automation and the feeding of data into the computer network.
JUNG’s LS-design products enhance the interior’s clearly structured ambience.