DZ Bank in Berlin, Germany

Feature-rich technology

Right next to the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin Mitte is the site of new headquarters of the DZ Bank. The residential and office complex built at Pariser Platz 3, with a total floor area of 19,000 m², is situated in close proximity to the American Embassy and Akademie der Künste (Academy of Arts).

The conceptual design of this ambitious urban planning project was developed in an international competition won by renowned Californian architect Frank O. Gehry in 1995.

As well as the company’s own administrative offices, the DG Bank building houses 39 residential units. Built as a block, the appearance of the complex is dominated by the use of sandstone and glass.

Apparently sober and unobtrusive on the outside, the building reveals an emotional expressiveness on the inside. At the centre of its light-filled atrium is a glass fish, a form repeated in the glass membrane roof of the Casino conference and performance space on the ground floor, while the conference room resembles a glass shell. Gehry himself describes his typical use of natural, biomorphic structures as a way of expressing feelings in modern architecture.

He has succeeded most impressively in achieving this goal with the new DG Bank headquarters, which he regards as his most radical building to date.

Since people both work and live in the new building on Pariser Platz, the building’s technology had to provide a diverse range of functions to meet the high demands placed on the electro-technical installation. JUNG’s Instabus system provided all the prerequisites for flexible building management while meeting these demands