Detached home, Stuttgart

Stuttgart conversion

“For sale: Detached house in Stuttgart with over 200 m2 of living space in a peaceful residential area.” If this house had gone on the market before being converted, the ad would probably have read something like that. Now that the extensive work has been completed, though, the owners can enjoy beautiful views of their sloping garden through floor-to-ceiling windows. A spacious terrace is the perfect place to while away an afternoon, and the outdoor pool offers the resident family of four the ultimate in summer relaxation.

Inside, the white walls and light flooring create a vast sense of space, while dark columns, doors and furniture strike elegant notes of contrast. JUNG’s LS 990 electrical installations in white work in harmony with the colour scheme and keep it going throughout the interior.

The house is equipped with a futuristic KNX system from JUNG. The Colour Touch Panel IP controls all the building functions centrally, though it can also be operated via an app on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

The family’s private space – parents’ bedroom, children’s bedrooms, dressing room and bathrooms – is arranged over the first floor. KNX room controllers fitted in the bedrooms and bathrooms control the heating, lighting and blinds. The parents have F 40 push-button sensors by their bed for controlling their lighting and blinds. These devices are also fitted in the dressing room and on the landing, where they control lighting and shading on the stairs.

On the floor below, KNX automatic switches with alarm functions make sure the house is bright and safe. When the device senses a person’s movement, it turns the light on automatically – there’s no need to press a switch. A KNX weather station monitors a number of weather parameters, including wind and rain, to help it automatically regulate shading and protect against storm damage. Room controllers in the kitchen handle the heating, lighting and blinds. Outdoor lighting – for the pool and the seating area on the terrace – can be switched on and off using F 40 push-button sensors. Room controllers installed in the TV room and the living room control heating, lighting and shading.

An identical set-up is fitted in the guest bathrooms and meditation room in the basement. F 40 push-button sensors control the lighting in the hallway and storeroom, while BCU push buttons do the job in the plant room.

The conversion and renovation work took about a year to complete, and the results are impressive. If it were to go on the market now, the ad would probably be more along the lines of: “For sale: Detached house in Stuttgart. Fully renovated and fitted with smart KNX building technology”.