Antiguo Reino House, Valencia

Warm light, open spaces

This apartment is located in the Ensanche – a typical building for Valencia.
The square city blocks with oblique corners came about in the 19th century and can be mainly found in the districts of Eixample and Extramurs, which are characterised by modernist architecture. The blocks distinguish themselves with their long, narrow residential units and large inner courtyards.

The living rooms and dining rooms of Reino House open onto the main façade of the building and create a continuous space that is defined by furniture. The bedrooms open onto the inner courtyard of the block. Between them are the kitchens and bathrooms that are lit from the courtyard. The Fran Silvestre architect's design concept is based on a continuous configuration where a series of open spaces are created and defined by means of furniture and large sliding doors. The warm colour tone of the flooring and the colour temperature of the lighting contribute to the spacious character of the building.

The switch classic LS 990 from JUNG in white can be found in the purist furnishing style. It fits into the overall appearance of the apartment in a classical and restrained way.