Airport in Araucania in Chile

Serving the Araucania region and located in the municipality of Freire, the airport boasts a 45-metre wide and 2,440-metre long runway, which can accommodate airplanes such as the Boeing 767 and the Airbus 320. This makes it one of the two largest international airports in Chile. The modern terminal of the IX Chilean region is equipped with integrated lighting and climate control systems and centrally managed by JUNG’s KNX system.

To automatically control the lighting and air conditioning, Clas Ingeniería Eléctrica implemented a system based on presence detectors and programmed to adapt to the changing needs throughout a single day or an entire season. The system behind it all is flexible enough to manage only those areas of the airport that are actually in use, thus eliminating continuous and inefficient operation.

The intelligent lighting system uses integrated light sensors placed throughout the public areas, while lighting in restricted areas can be manually controlled via integrated input fields via the control system. Interior lighting is turned on if the system detects movement or if the amount of natural light available is insufficient.

The indoor climate is controlled in the same manner with sensors that activate or deactivate equipment at certain times. As a result, energy consumption is significantly reduced and terminal operation is more efficient as operators do not have to turn systems on and off. The KNX system controls 30 fan coil units and 6 devices for measuring environmental data, four of which are used for supply/extraction and two for supply only. In addition, the system can detect and record temperature and air quality parameters.